Did you know … Bundjil the Wedge-tail Eagle is the sacred Totem of the Wathaurong?

Bundjil, You Yangs (Wurdi Yawang)

The Creator of the Kulin land and its people was the work of the Great Creator Ancestor Spirit, Bundjil.

Bundjil summoned six men to assist him in the creation of the land, people and all living things andto pass on his teachings and knowledge to all men and women. The six men were:
  • Turnung - Feather Tailed Glider
  • Tadjeri - Bush Tail phascogaleGeelong Gallery 2015 Reconciliation Week  - Bunjil
  • Yukope - Great Paraket
  • Dantun - Blue Mountain Parrot
  • Djurt-Djurt - Nankeen Kestrel
  • Thara - Black Shouldered Kite
All were capable of mighty deeds, all in the name of Bundjil.

After he had made all the country and the living things in it, he taught the people how to make and use their tools and the rules of social behaviour.

When he had finished, Bundjil gathered his wives (one of whom was Gunanwarra, the black swan) and children (one of whom was Binbeal the rainbow) and instructed Bellin-Bellin (the musk crow), who is in charge of the winds, to open his bag and let out all the wind.

Bellin-Bellin opened his bag and released a wind so strong that it carried big trees into the air, roots and all. Bundjil wanted more wind, so Bellin-Bellin opened all his bags and released a wind so great that it carried Bundjil and his family to Tharangalk-bek (the heavens) where they now live as stars, looking down on the world.

Bundjil and his family are known in European terms as follows:
  • Bundjil is the star Altair in the Eagle constellation and the two stars beside him are Gunanwarra and her spirit.
  • Bundjil’s brother is the star Antares in the Scorpion constellation.
  • Turnung is Venus.
  • Tadjeri is the star Alchernar in the Eridanus constellation.
  • Yukope is the star Alpha Crucis, in the Southern Cross.
  • Dantun is the star Beta Crucis, in the Southern Cross.
  • Djurt-Djurt is the star Beta Centauri, one of the pointers and Thara, the star Alpha Centauri, the other pointer.
Provided by Uncle David Tournier