Download timeline concise 'Banner Version' as PDF

To use the timeline please read the following brief guide:

  • To browse -

    • Use LIST to see an event 'headline' which you can scroll through using the Timeline's scroll button (right hand side). For more information, click on the image or 'blank' space at the left of the headline. To return to the LIST view click back on list.
    • Use CHART to see more detailed information. The Timeline's arrows at the bottom of this view take you back and forward through the time from left to right. You can hover over the timeline markers (small vertical lines at the bottom) to see event 'headlines'.
  • To search for specific informationTYPE keywords or dates into the Search Events  box on the Timeline

We are aware that since this website was first set up in 2012, some of the links in the Timeline have 'broken', and as this update website goes live in May 2016 we will be working over the next 6 months to fix or replace them with appropriate materials.